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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#196 Adding a number in the add contact screen should give you nummeric keyboard accepted mrmoku enhancement minor
#311 Speech synthesis and Morse code announcing who is calling or texting reopened ainulindale enhancement wishlist minor
#398 Make the messages app "chat style" accepted dos enhancement wishlist minor
#458 Don't execute critical applications as "root" accepted TAsn enhancement wishlist minor
#482 Adding "preferred" contacts screen assigned slyon enhancement wishlist minor
#487 Make a way to auto-issue some USSD requests accepted TAsn enhancement minor
#500 add method for setting date in settings app accepted dos enhancement wishlist minor
#557 headset push button new daniel enhancement wishlist minor
#619 Use more meaningful/complete message when asking for deletion confirmation assigned slyon defect minor
#627 Add 'also list as' OR 'ignore when receiving a call' option in Contacts list new ainulindale enhancement wishlist minor
#708 gui buttons always on the wrong side accepted dos enhancement minor
#741 Please add I/O accounting support to Kernel config new ainulindale enhancement wishlist minor
#775 Slider on incoming call also accept it new mrmoku enhancement minor
#788 I hereby request a Wireshark package for SHR-testing reopened spaetz enhancement wishlist minor
#828 aee - advanced easy editor new spaetz enhancement wishlist minor
#839 shr-notes add tag from tag list crash application accepted dos defect minor
#858 add a notification when flash memory is about to become full accepted mrmoku enhancement minor
#861 Package Request: Saskia new spaetz enhancement wishlist minor
#868 [Package req] enscribi new spaetz enhancement wishlist minor
#882 libsyncml2 segaults new spaetz defect minor
#889 Too short timeout before multi-step dimming starts new ainulindale defect minor
#893 Ringtones is too silent new ainulindale defect minor
#899 Local number settings in first run wizard should open numeric keyboard assigned dos defect minor
#902 SMS & Contacts programs should show 'loading' status or similar reopened mrmoku defect minor
#920 Show my number setting not static accepted mrmoku enhancement minor
#923 Unicode letters in SMS new mrmoku enhancement wishlist minor
#945 Package Request: libswt3.4-gtk-java and libswt3.4-gtk-jni new spaetz enhancement wishlist minor
#947 Build an fsoraw like wrapper that also interacts. assigned task minor
#1001 Consolidate opkg package categories with dpkg categories new spaetz task wishlist minor
#1009 Touchscreen-Feedback via Vibration new mrmoku enhancement minor
#1019 Trac has a wrong reply-to address new TAsn defect wishlist minor
#1025 Move scroll bar on contacts App or in SHR in general assigned TAsn enhancement minor
#1048 openmoko-icon-theme-standard missing new ainulindale defect minor
#1055 usb terminal hangs after close new ainulindale defect minor
#1061 bluetoothd does not include start/stop script new spaetz defect minor
#1083 VNC on SHR Testing new spaetz defect wishlist minor
#1100 Allowing multiple selection of contacts in sim-manager accepted Heinervdm enhancement minor
#1136 X11 screensaver blanking not working with 2.6.32 new ainulindale defect wishlist minor
#1137 Dates cannot satisfy lebedataserver opkg dependency new spaetz defect minor
#1146 Change to the USB Vendor ID and Product ID new ainulindale defect wishlist minor
#1167 manpage for phoneui-apps new TAsn enhancement wishlist minor
#1182 packages requests for Minneo, Chroneo, OptimSMS2, Mokometeo, Gwaterpass and Rotate Screen new ainulindale enhancement wishlist minor
#1184 Package Request: btrfsprogs new spaetz enhancement wishlist minor
#1198 linphone free fails to connect to new ainulindale defect minor
#1229 shr-u: time not set via gsm-time anymore new mrmoku enhancement minor
#1230 packages not working on shr-u / might be the wrong place to post this ... new mrmoku defect wishlist minor
#1231 Power Button Menu Add Brightness Slider new mrmoku enhancement minor
#1232 Power Button Menu Has to Rescale When Opened new mrmoku enhancement minor
#1233 Improve Power consumption: Black on White Theme = Inverted gry-theme new mrmoku enhancement wishlist minor
#1234 List of timezones waaaay too long for one single list accepted dos enhancement wishlist minor
#1239 dates not working in latest shr-unstable new spaetz defect minor
#1240 Clock Widget Time Update Takes Too Long After Suspend new mrmoku enhancement minor
#1248 Change Screen Split Icon in Topbar to Rotate Screen new mrmoku enhancement wishlist minor
#1250 The clock widget in top bar should display the date too new mrmoku enhancement wishlist minor
#1251 alarm signal of ffalarm should not start before ffalarm interface came up after boot new mrmoku enhancement wishlist minor
#1262 Welcome guide conflict new mrmoku enhancement wishlist minor
#1267 shr notes (opimd-utils-notes) does not allow to set tags new mrmoku enhancement minor
#1272 Include bmp085 module for Freerunner Navigation Board in feeds new mrmoku enhancement minor
#1287 EmulateRightButton makes eve unusable and causes other problems new mrmoku defect minor
#1290 investigate machine specific packages pulled as dependencies in images. new mrmoku defect minor
#1317 fsotdld cannot be used for getting ntp time new daniel defect minor
#1412 Swedish translation for shr-wizard new TAsn enhancement minor
#1415 Swedish translations for libphone-ui-shr and phoneui-apps new mrmoku enhancement minor
#1451 Improvement Suggestions for the TopDownMenu new mrmoku enhancement minor
#1503 [shr-core] on the gta02 all windows no resize on startup ... new mrmoku enhancement minor
#1507 phone ui suggest button: suggest list of last called new mrmoku enhancement minor
#1514 ffPhonelog Edit/Add gets you back to your homescreen ... new mrmoku defect minor
#1641 case insensitive search in contacts accepted dos enhancement shr-2012.07 minor
#1647 does suspend even if connected to usb and charging new mrmoku defect minor
#1699 Remaining Battery % not the same in bar-widget and in settings new mrmoku defect minor
#1744 shr-elm-softkey predates notification window shr-staging-24 new mrmoku defect shr-2012.07 minor
#1848 bringing up wlan0 in gta04 raises a kernel warning new mrmoku defect minor
#1850 GTA04 imprecise touch screen new mrmoku defect minor
#1957 Translaton template needed by default and directory changing new dos defect minor
#2005 stage 056 && settings power assigned dos defect minor
#2006 Splash screen is not displayed when booting new mrmoku defect minor
#2015 shr-settings: use systemd for service management new mrmoku defect minor
#2055 add python-qt4 libportaudio2 to be able to install anki 2.0 (official release) new mrmoku enhancement minor
#2077 intone eats CPU after closing new TAsn defect minor
#2093 strength widget in top bar disfunctional new mrmoku defect minor
#2108 Sim PIN: unaable to set PIN required and unable to change PIN new dos defect minor
#2112 sending network codes from dialer window does not work new mrmoku defect minor
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