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consider using nscd always (or when gprs is active)

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i have slow dns lookups when using grps. also every dnslookup goes to dnsserver. there is no cache. so i tried using nscd.
it seems to work rather nice.
is there a reason that we are not using it as default? it could save a lot of net-traffic (also for wlan).

but "opkg install nscd" does not get you a running nscd :-(
1 directory is missing, and initscript and config are also missing.

so this is what i used to install nscd:

opkg install nscd

mkdir -p /var/run/nscd/
cp nscd.conf /etc/nscd.conf
cp /etc/init.d/

cd /etc/rc5.d/
ln -s ../init.d/

and nscd.conf:

threads                 2
max-threads             6
restart-interval        1900
paranoia                yes

enable-cache            hosts           yes
positive-time-to-live   hosts           180
negative-time-to-live   hosts           20
#suggested-size          hosts           211
suggested-size          hosts           23
check-files             hosts           yes
persistent              hosts           no


#! /bin/sh

case "$1" in
        echo -n "Starting nscd: "

        # HINT: gets deleted on every reboot
        mkdir -p /var/db/nscd
        mkdir -p /var/run/nscd/

        start-stop-daemon -S -n nscd -a /usr/sbin/nscd --
        echo "done"
        echo -n "Stopping nscd: "
        start-stop-daemon -K -n nscd
        echo "done"
        $0 stop
        $0 start
        echo "Usage: { start | stop | restart }" >&2
        exit 1

exit 0

those should go into the opkg file

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