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Too short timeout before multi-step dimming starts

Reported by: hafting Owned by: ainulindale
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Component: SHR Image Version: SHR-unstable
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The multi-step dimming looks cool, but the timeout before the first dimming step is way too short. It'd be nice if this delay was configurable, for example in shr-settings.

When typing or looking for some icon, only the brightest is useable. Especially during a bright day. Too quick dimming is also distracting, even if the screen is viewable afterwards.

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After a bit more time playing with the dim settings, this is my current preferred settings. I think this is quite similar to other phones, and I would like this to become the defaults for shr.

  • Idle: 30 secs - a decent length of time before the first dim, so that you don't have to continuously tap the screen to keep it readable in broad daylight.
  • Idle Dim: 5 secs - each dim step at 5 sec interval as a warning that phone has registered inactivity and is heading for blank & lock. I think it looks good too.
  • Idle Prelock: 5 secs - as above
  • Lock: 0 secs - no delay between the screen being blanked and locked, this means I can be sure that if the screen is blank it's safe to put the phone in my pocket, thus preventing unwanted actions.
  • Suspend: 60 secs - a longer delay before suspending, purely because tapping the screen after the phone has suspended has no effect and it takes longer to then press power to unsuspend the phone, which is annoying if you were in the middle of something and got distracted for 60 secs. I'm not convinced that 60 secs will make much difference to battery life unless you are waking your phone up from suspend every 5 mins (which I don't).

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