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Joint FSO/SHR Users and Developers Convention 2009

[DISCLAIMER: This is still draft material. You are encouraged to give comments about all the propositions. This page will be updated as things clarify.]

Proposed locations

Last call for vote

Two locations are getting out from that: Berlin and Essen/Horst?. Please do add your preference and reasons! We would like to contact thoses places quickly enough.

  • Essen Horst (LinuxHotel)
    • your vote for Essen/Horst? here...
    • ptitjes (maybe this is a more central location...)
    • Ainulindale (agrees with ptitjes)
    • Stefan (I prefer to have a location where we can focus on the program, Linux Hotel looks excellent for this)
    • mrmoku (very much agrees with Stefan)
    • alphaone

NOTE: We need some people having contacts in the finally chosen location in order to host everyone and the convention!

  • I can contact them if they have space for us. (Waiting until tomorrow to let more votes show up) Stefan

All the proposed locations (for history)

hello from c-base, my name is cven and I host the wcw2009 together with all the hackers from the freifunk-community. roh talked to me right now about your ideas..., okay, 20-40 people are no problem, we can handle that please drop me a mail, roh has my contacts

cu @ c-base, you are welcome! :-)


If it happens elsewhere: "Sure, less work for me :-)" -- alphaone

  • Paris


FSOSHR'09 will happen on the 22/23/24 of May.

-- These dates were decided from community availabilities, see Version 33 of the wiki for history --

Attendees (alphabetically)

  • Ainulindale
  • alphaone
  • Deubeuliou
  • DocScrutinizer
  • marcochapeau (on 23rd/24th only)
  • mickeyl
  • mirko-paroli
  • mrmoku
  • Onen
  • ptitjes
  • raster
  • shoragan
  • stefan_schmidt
  • morphis (maybe only on 23rd)

Won't be there

Proposed planning

  Day 0 Day 1 Day 2
9h00   Breakfast Breakfast
  Welcome words (mickeyl, Ainu) Coding Workshop
10h00 Talk: State of the art
11h00 Talk:
12h00 Talk:
  Lunch Lunch
14h00 Talk:
15h00 Open session
16h00 Bye words (mickeyl, Ainu)
20h00 Arrival and welcome Diner
21h00 Party


  • As we only have 1,5 days I would start earlier. It's fun, trust me. --stefan (before we start at 9h)
  • I would prefer less time spent on talks but on workshops/interest groups --stefan
    • I also think (hands on) workshops would be better than talks --daniel
  • About Buzzfix and hardware moding workshop - 2 hours might be tight depending on the amount of devices --stefan

Proposed talks

  • "State of the art" talk ("what happened and where we are" - mickeyl, Ainulindale ?)
  • SHR vs. Paroli; SHR + Paroli
  • Target Hardware for FSO and SHR
  • FSOd & frameworkd2
  • Ophonekitd's future
    • Vala rewrite: what it brings (Modularity, testability, configurability, ...)
    • DBus GUI control protocols
  • Joint FSO/SHR testing proposal
    • Using libgmock as a base framework to mock frameworkd or ophonekitd
    • Shared sequence diagrams
  • Ologicd
    • Introduction (use cases, solutions survey...)
    • Current state
    • Flora-2 introduction and demos
    • Expected Logic frameworks

Proposed workshops

  • Hardware workshops
    • Buzzfix workshop
    • Hardware mods (for instance, DocScrutinizer's USB Y-cable)
  • Merge SHR overlay in OE and work out a good workflow for a stable distro and work with OE
  • PIM, the urgent action item
  • Map data, routing, navit, map widget, location SMS (olocationd), GSM location
  • ...


  • Do people prefer hotel rooms or is sleeping on the floor in a room together is also fine?
  • How do we like to handle food? Going out or prepare on our own?
  • Will there be a live stream of the talks for the people who can't come?
    • I think this is very unlikely. It's hard work and we hope to have less talks and more hand-on workshops anyway. (Stefan)