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    99The testers will have to fill in the details of their tests in one of the forms below.
    11 == How to test ==
    1210In order to test the tester is expected to have a separate installation for testing purposes as the staging area can and will break things.
    1311The best way to test would be to make a free phone call to a free operator number that plays back your voice, such as voice messages(for instance with my operator you can choose to play a welcome message that you record).
    1412That has to be done in order to be sure that the other person could hear you, because there could be some breakage with the fsodeviced alsa state files resulting in the sound working only one way.
     14== How to test ==
     15[] will contain one directory
     16for each major feature we want to test (like EFL or FSO upgrades) or sometimes
     17just rotated weekly when there isn't something major or "dangerous".
     19Each directory has by 3 digit name which identifies the feed (lets call it NNN).
     21Each NNN directory has info.NNN file (and info -> info.NNN symlink) where you can
     22read on which revisions was this feed started, which commits were used during
     23populating this feed and when this feed gets closed (or lets say marked as ready
     24for testers). You can also read how all our branches looked when it was closed.
     26For example if there is 001, 002 and latest.
     27002 is still getting more stuff from live build, so it wasn't "closed" yet.
     28When we decide that there is enough stuff for testing and the feature is
     29complete, we'll close 002 and redirect build output to new 003.
     30Latest link will point to latest but '''closed''' feed (so usually highest -1) which
     31would be 001.
     33If you want to help testing, then best way is to prepare 2nd partition (not the
     34one you're using for daily phone you depend on) and redirect default shr-core
     35feeds to latest closed:
     37sed -i 's#shr-core#shr-core-staging/latest#g' /etc/opkg/*-feed.conf
     39or of course you can lock it to whatever number you want to test later ie:
     41sed -i 's#shr-core#shr-core-staging/007#g' /etc/opkg/*-feed.conf
     44Also you should also download info file from selected directory so you'll know
     45what you are testing after latest link is moved to newer feed.
     50Then you can upgrade with opkg or reflash to newer image (if images are available
     51in staging area too).
     53opkg update && opkg upgrade
     56Now you can test whatever is important for you (telephony, music, video, ...)
     57and if you're happy with new testing feed you should report it on our
     58[ StagingTests] page.
     59Rhere is table for each NNN feed and you should say there if you're fine with
     60it moving to default public feed or if you have found some issues with it, bug
     61number from where you've reported those
     62issues would be great and it would be fantastic if you also include in that report
     63which NNN feed was last known to work for you and first one where it was broken.
     64That's where those info files you've downloaded will get handy.
    1666== For End User testers ==
    17 || Device || Date || Image Number [1] || Usable (telephony works and other can ear you? and other comments) || Tester ||
    18 || GTA02  ||01.12.2011|| [ ???] || using *.bin/*.udfu from shr-core. No GSM/ssh...  || ??? ||
    19 || GTA02  ||01.12.2011|| [ 001] || Telephony works, usb networking / ssh works, iliwi does not, shr-elm-softkey did not start automatically - launching manually worked || ??? ||
     67[ StagingTests]
    21 [1] Image numbers means the number in the image link, like 001 in
    2269== For builders ==
    23 || Device || Date || openembedded revisions || revisions || revisions || Usable (telephony works and other can ear you? and other comments) ||
    24 {{{#!td
    25 om-gta02
    26 }}}
    27 {{{#!td
    28 30 November 2011
    29 }}}
    30 {{{#!td
    31   - openembedded-core: contrib/shr@c484d7be29e1144bc878804c93a9176389a1bbe9
    32   - meta-openembedded: contrib/shr@a3e4d7af78d0d5431fc0553216e1803786a5ca01
    33   - meta-smartphone:   master@f3bd874dc0422558bd709ee706d02f28d09a6d59
    34 }}}
    35 {{{#!td
    36  ?
    37 }}}
    38 {{{#!td
    39 76799b0459ada24e93e923f949a28763b12f4d6f
    40 }}}
    41 {{{#!td
    42 No:
    43   - modem cannot be opened by libfsotransport
    44   - backlight is broken
    45 }}}
     70[ BuildingTests]