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What this is about

In the past there were numerous breakages in the shr feeds(shr-unstable and shr-core) that resulted in the impossibility to make a phone call.

To address that we will involve users and developers in the testing shr-core: Feeds will be divided in 2 parts:

  • The staging area will get the last software and images are built.
  • The SHR-core feeds will only be synced with the staging area at each successful testing(when telephony is confirmed to work).

The testers will have to fill in the details of their tests in one of the forms below.

How to test

In order to test the tester is expected to have a separate installation for testing purposes as the staging area can and will break things. The best way to test would be to make a free phone call to a free operator number that plays back your voice, such as voice messages(for instance with my operator you can choose to play a welcome message that you record). That has to be done in order to be sure that the other person could hear you, because there could be some breakage with the fsodeviced alsa state files resulting in the sound working only one way.

For End User testers

Device Date URL to the image Usable (telephony works and other can ear you? and other comments)
GTA02 01.12.2011 using *.bin/*.udfu from shr-core. No GSM/ssh...

For builders

Device Date openembedded revisions revisions revisions Usable (telephony works and other can ear you? and other comments)


30 November 2011

  • openembedded-core: contrib/shr@c484d7be29e1144bc878804c93a9176389a1bbe9
  • meta-openembedded: contrib/shr@a3e4d7af78d0d5431fc0553216e1803786a5ca01
  • meta-smartphone: master@f3bd874dc0422558bd709ee706d02f28d09a6d59




  • modem cannot be opened by libfsotransport
  • backlight is broken