Here is my SHR-Logo

I unfortunately don't know about the license of an image I used. I took it from .

My thoughts so far:

  1. SHR has been developed for the neo (or the gta01), hasn't it? So why not take the neo for the icon? If you appreciate it and it's a problem about the rights of the neo-picture in background, say it here and I will create an own one under the cc-license or so. See this as a proof of concept.
  2. make it simple and tidy. I like the shiny grey look of illume so I thought I should adapt it here.

SHR aims to be the OS for other devices than Neo(HTC for example) so being so Neo centric is not good idea IMHO(dsamblas)

BTW the image is CCSA licenced so don't have to worry :)(dsamblas)

So, here it is:

shr-logo from vaninwagen 128x128

here is a large one

Feedback is highly recommended! ;-)

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